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RIASEC (Holland codes) was developed by American psychologist John L Holland. John Holland classified occupations into five categories, namely Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising and Conventional.

Interest Codes

Interest Codes on Upick are developed exclusively. We categorize JUPAS options and other tertiary education programmes into 20 categories. Using Interest Codes, Upick’s cloud system detects your underlying preferences and suggests you with the optimum options.

Recommended tertiary education options

Upick’s cloud system runs algorithms to combine your RIASEC codes, Interest Codes and your expected DSE results, and compare them with further study programmes to recommend tertiary education options. Of course, you can always amend your expected DSE score to see how high you can achieve!

Frequently asked questions

  • What is upick?
    Upick is a brand new counseling system for further studies. Students only have to complete a 10-minute questionnaire and upick will recommend tertiary education programmes that suit the students’ interests and academic competencies. Of course, the decision to further studies requires comprehensive consideration from the student. However, Upick’s recommendations offer an independent perspective. It may also suggest options that have never been known to the student.
  • Is Upick reliable?
    Yes. Upick adopts the Holland Codes (RIASEC) theory as the basis of its analyses. Such theory has been widely adopted and approved globally for nearly 60 years. It is, to date, still the most commonly used and recognized model in the career counseling industry.
  • How do I get an activation code?
    If your school is a Upick partner, you may obtain one from your teacher. If not, you may purchase one by credit card or bank transfer on
  • With an account, am I allowed to retake the test?
    No. Each student is only allowed to take the test once. However, students are allowed to modify their expected DSE scores freely to explore different study options.
  • Will my results be shared with others ?
    No. Your information is strictly confidential and will not be shared with individuals, schools or companies.


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